Operation 3


Field 3 was opened between Fields 1 and 2 at a distance of 25 m to the south of Andrae’s trial trench 8I. It consists of two 10 m squares which are situated close to the eastern end of the old small sounding dC8II. Similar to the upper level in the another trenches, there were deposits of at least two Parthian levels – a piece of a street surface and few walls – which covered well-preserved Late Assyrian building remains. In the rooms in the north square A, partially paved with baked bricks, installations such as a drain, stone pivots at the doors and a stone threshold in one door opening were found. The rooms were filled with mud brick debris and two of them contained a great deal of pottery. Various jars and other ceramic forms came also from the rooms in southern square A whose walls were more destroyed.

This trench should be extended in the next season to the north where we expect to connect with the old trial sounding ‘8I’. In the future we also expect to reach the area of the temple of Ištar.