Excavation 2001

(Peter A. Miglus)

The excavation 2001 took place from 25 August until 28 October. The team comprised 22 persons and there were 80–120 workers in the field. The investigations were carried out in co-operation with the Iraqi team digging in Ashur continuously.

We worked  in the following areas:

Three operation sites in the area “Ashur West” to the south of the temple of Ishtar - Operations 1, 2 and 3  were excavated. This was a continuation of the season 2000.

Additionally two new trenches were opened, one to the east of the Ishtar temple - Operation 4 - and one on the western part of the modern cemetery - Operation 5. In the first area we continued the investigation started by R. Dittmann 1988-89 (Dittmann, MDOG 122). Here were mostly Middle Assyrian remains and older levels. The new Operation 5 auf was carried out to the south of the ziqqurrat next to the present Iraqi excavations.

The architectural remains and the objects found during this season are mostly from the Late/Neo and Middle Assyrian and Parthian Periods. Little evidence dates from the Old Assyrian (Operations 2 and 4) and post-Assyrian (Operations 1-3) as well as the medieval Islamic period (Operation 5).

Furthermore clay tablets and other inscriptions found during 1990, 2000 und 2001 seasons were worked on.