Kurdish "asayish" means "protection"

Since IS terrorists’ major offensive in June 2014, the flow of refugees into the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan does not cease. Authorities are challenged by the mass of the needy, the humanitarian situation is very difficult, not to say catastrophic. Most refugee camps are located in the northern provinces Dohuk and Erbil, but two camps also exist in Arbat on the road from Sulaimaniya to Halabja.

In advance of season 2014, our photographer Juan Aguilar began to collect donations for the refugees in Arbat. During his first visit in the camps he found out that people were mostly in need of basics like sanitary products, medication and shoes for their children. What started as an individual undertaking became a concern of the entire excavation team, and also donations from home accumulated. Required goods were bought in the local bazaars and distributed during weekly visits to the camps. Even after the end of the excavation our colleague and other helpers continued their commitment and founded "ASAEISH – Aid and Support Association for those Expelled by Islamic State Hostilities" in cooperation with NGO "Emergency Iraq".
The latest visit to Arbat took place in February 2015, since October 2014 the number of refugees had increased eightfold.

For further information and donation see: https://www.facebook.com/asaeish


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